Malerie is a wonderful helper in the delivery room. A great combination of cheerleader (without being too cheesy) and advocate. I very much valued her calming presence during my delivery.
— Charlotte, client

Katie did a great job mirroring my patient’s needs. Quiet but very present! Very aware of my patient’s needs. A wonderful addition to the doula world.
— Patty, midwife

Malerie was the perfect doula! She was a critical part of every step of my birthing process, from helping me with my birthing plan all the way up to my post delivery visits. She has a great depth of knowledge and experience. I have learned so much from her about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum issues. Not only is she knowledgable, but she also has a kind heart and a warm calming presence, which I found extremely helpful throughout the enter labor and delivery process. I absolutely loved my labor and delivery experience and it was in large part due to her. I couldn’t imagine ever going with any other doula. She has my full unreserved recommendation and I am excited to use her again when I have another child.
— Rebecca, client

Katie was a wonderful doula! She was gentle, soft spoken and encouraging. She brought a calming to me in the times where I started to feel panicked. She was by my side throughout the whole process and for some time after my daughter arrived as well. I highly recommend her as a doula!
— Karyce, client

Malerie was an excellent doula. Going into our first birth, I didn’t know what a doula did, nor did I feel the need to hire the extra help. However, Malerie was more than just an “extra hand;” she was a coach, an advocate for our needs and an all around great person to have on our side during the birth process. She taught us some great techniques to cope with the pain of labor and my wife was able to make it through without the assistance of any drugs! I was on the fence about using her services prior to our birth, but I’m glad we hired her. I would definitely hire her again and would recommend Malerie to anyone who is thinking about using a doula.
— Pono, partner

Katie was excellent! We had to have a scheduled c-section due to breech presentation. We worked hard during the final weeks to try to get baby to turn - during this time Katie was incredible! She was extremely helpful in researching techniques to turn a breech baby and was so helpful as a listening ear to my worries, fears and sense of loss regarding this change of plans. Katie provided a great sense of calmness and peace both before and during our surgery. She helped keep both my husband and myself calm and able to focus on each other and our journey to parenthood. She was fantastic! We are so grateful to Katie! Her advocacy and support are, I believe, the major reasons we were able to have an amazing birth experience - especially considering the change in plans.
— Emily, client

Malerie is the absolute best! She has an excellent grasp of holistic pain management techniques, and her demeanor is naturally calming in itself. If I have another baby, Malerie will be the first person I call. She was great inside the delivery room and out. She cares very much about the families she helps care for through pregnancy and delivery, and she’s always open to questions. She is an outstanding choice if you’re looking for a doula.
— Jennifer, client

Katie is an amazing doula and I can’t recommend her enough. She was a calming and helpful resource before birth and especially during labor. My partner and I both loved having her involved with the birth; she was open to what we (and our midwifery team) needed. We are a queer trans family and felt completely supported and respected by Katie. She is well trained and well suited to this type of work. Her passion and her love for helping families and babies was always evident. Hire her!
— Megan, client

Malerie was a tremendous doula for my wife and me for our first child!

She has an amazing ability to take charge and lead when that is what is needed, making tangible, specific recommendations on what we should do. And yet at other times she would just be “in the background” supporting the process, running for needed things, communicating with the nurses, and taking care of all the small logistics that a new mother and father shouldn’t have to worry about at such an important and challenging time. No task was too large or too small for her.

As a person, Malerie is kind, patient, understanding, and cares deeply about knowing what you desire for your birth experience and working to help you achieve that. She asks questions before giving suggestions and cares more about hearing you than about being heard. She takes the time well before your delivery date to meet with you and answer your phone calls and texts to make sure things are going as planned (or to adjust plans as needed, which is so often needed). Even with this compassionate and gentle spirit, Malerie is also strong and assertive when collaborating with doctors, nurses, in-laws, or anyone else who may not be respecting your wishes in the moment. I am thankful she has chosen to use her time and talents in the doula role, and look forward to having her with us at a hopeful future birth!
— Joe, partner

Katie was our doula for the birth of our second child. She provided compassionate, comprehensive support not only during the birth, but throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period. She was supportive of our ever evolving birth plan, providing information, never judgement, so that we could make informed decisions for our family. And while Katie provided invaluable support to me as the birthing mother, she was also there for my husband every step of the way. I can’t thank her enough for supporting our family in such a kind, gentle, compassionate way.
— Sara, client